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Firing Service

We fire in electric kilns, oxidation firing only. Cone 06 to cone 5. Pricing is based on the size of the work being fired. Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Less if we have lots of work to fire, longer if we don't have much work to fire. We only fire when we have full kiln loads. Kilns fire best when they are full. Work can be brought in/picked up during our open hours. 

Greenware must be dry, no wet work.

Please have name and phone number listed on the container/box your work is brought in.

Work MUST have your name, makers mark, initials, stamp, something on the piece to identify that it is your work.

Once the pieces are fired, please pick up ASAP. Pieces will only be held for 30 days.


Length x Height x

Bisque $.20

Glaze $.25

See example below.

If your piece needed to be stilted, that is included in sizing/pricing. If we have to clean you bottoms, additional charge will be applied.

Sculpture firing to be determined on firing schedule needed. Thick sculptures will be fired on a much slower schedule and will be priced accordingly.

For example, this piece is 11 long by 3 inches tall.

11x3=33 x $.20 (bisque)=

$6.60 for the bisque

11x3=33 x $.25 (glaze)=

$8.25 for glaze

Ceramic dish showing a measure of width.
Ceramic dish, showing measurement of width.
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